About Me 

Thank you so much for visiting my website. I am so happy that you took the time to visit and learn about my passion – nail art and everything nails.  

I do hope that you enjoyed your visit here. You see, nails are really both an obsession and a passion for me. Since I was a little girl, I have played dress up, make up and what have you. But painting nails is really something that I have enjoyed a lot. I have started by sneaking out some of my mother’s most prized manicure collection. She never really caught me, although I do think that sometimes she was aware of what I was up to and just turned a blind eye over the years.  

When I grew up, I took up fashion design. Currently, I’d like to share that I am very happy with my clothing business, creating brands that source materials from ethical, fair-trade and responsible textiles.  

But no matter how busy I am with work, I always find time to edit this website and update you on the latest trends, the latest nail polish, nail care tips and more. It is my goal to let you know everything about nails in order to provide you with inspiration through the varied nail art designs that I have tried.  

It is my goal that you enjoy my postings here that you will continue to go back and check all of my latest updates. If you wish to know more about nails, I suggest that you simply go to my blog section and see all the various resources that are available there. You may also contact me in case you want to share your reviews and experiences. Rest assured that I will always do my very best to provide you here with only the latest information on nails.