Get the white poinsettia right on your nails

Since it is the Christmas season, allow me to post several tips for nail polish that you can use for Christmas parties and what have you. Here goes:  

Get the white poinsettia right on your nails 

  1. To make sure that you have the perfect base, you need to use the Opi Tiramisu nail polish for this. Then add in the Kiara Sky Cocoa Cora at the tip and simply blend. Allow the nail polish to dry and cure.  
  1. On top of the base, you can now start your nail art. Use a white OPI polish to paint in the petals of the poinsettia. For the green leaves, look for a wonderful green or lime colored polish.  
  1. Check out orange polish to add in the inner petals and use a green color for the outlines of these petals.  
  2. Find a dark colored polish to finish off the look with vine lines. You can also add in some orange dots for that perfect finish. Let dry.  

You now have amazing Christmas poinsettias right on your nails.  

Feature a British Christmas Jumper on your nails 

For the British, wearing a jumper on Christmas is tradition. But what if you can have it on your nails? Here are some tips on how to do it:  

  1. Find a white nail polish gel and apply. Put a matte coat on top to dull the shine.  
  1. Use a brush to trace lines in the middle of your nail. Repeat the pattern all over. Put in more lines and even dots.  
  2. Dust with acrylic powder and brush off the excess. Now you have your very own Christmas jumper right on your nails.  

I hope you enjoy bringing a little bit of the season with you!