Welcome to The Crumpet, the ultimate blog on nail art and more.

Here, you will be able to access information on anything and everything about nails – the latest trends, nail art, nail polish, nail reviews and more.  

You see, I have been obsessed about nails ever since I was a young girl. I started with my mom’s nail polish collection. I remember sneaking into her room and getting some of her nail polish bottles, including her most prized French manicure collection. I bring it inside our contemporary garage door in Tempe AZ, and spend hours applying them on my nails, experimenting with the different colors, copying nail designs and art.  

As I grew up, my obsession with nail polish has never waned. In fact, it has even grown through the years. It has also become my comfort as I went through life’s ups and downs and my source of joy as well.  

This is the reason why I have come up with this blog. I wanted to share everything I know and learned about nails through the years. I also want this to serve as an inspiration to all of you who are obsessed like me in learning about nails and in updating yourselves about the latest trends.  

My fearless nail trends forecast in 2018 

Since it is the end of the year, it is time to once again stress that the holiday season is all about adding a little pizazz to your nails. This means putting in some glimmer and shine to give that party vibe fit for the holidays.  

But of course since the year is about to end, I want to share with you what I think will be the in thing come 2018:  


Updated Glitter Trend 

Glittery and shimmery nails will never be out of season. But what makes the 2018 look special is the combination of the use of black matte nail polish and glitter. It looks very sophisticated and classy.  


One black dash 

Very popular in today’s runway is the use of that single thin, black dash. You can use a pale color palette and just add a black dash for a distinctive look. The dash can be either horizontal or vertical and can applied in just one nail per hand.  


Logo nails 

Helmut Lang has pioneered putting logos on nails. It seems that this trend is here to stay as several brands have already followed suit. This can be an opportunity that different brands can use to promote themselves.  


Three dimensional sparkles 

It seems that sparkles are here and it’s meant to stay. But what distinguishes it this time is the use of 3-D sparkles, such as rhinestones, that makes the look super distinctive and truly glittery.  


The blonds 

Similar to the 3-D sparkles is the trend of using various materials for nail art, referred to as The Blonds. This refers to the use of glow in the dark materials, stick on flowers, rhinestones and even leopard prints.  



Get the white poinsettia right on your nails

Since it is the Christmas season, allow me to post several tips for nail polish that you can use for Christmas parties and what have you. Here goes:  

Get the white poinsettia right on your nails 

  1. To make sure that you have the perfect base, you need to use the Opi Tiramisu nail polish for this. Then add in the Kiara Sky Cocoa Cora at the tip and simply blend. Allow the nail polish to dry and cure.  
  1. On top of the base, you can now start your nail art. Use a white OPI polish to paint in the petals of the poinsettia. For the green leaves, look for a wonderful green or lime colored polish.  
  1. Check out orange polish to add in the inner petals and use a green color for the outlines of these petals.  
  2. Find a dark colored polish to finish off the look with vine lines. You can also add in some orange dots for that perfect finish. Let dry.  

You now have amazing Christmas poinsettias right on your nails.  

Feature a British Christmas Jumper on your nails 

For the British, wearing a jumper on Christmas is tradition. But what if you can have it on your nails? Here are some tips on how to do it:  

  1. Find a white nail polish gel and apply. Put a matte coat on top to dull the shine.  
  1. Use a brush to trace lines in the middle of your nail. Repeat the pattern all over. Put in more lines and even dots.  
  2. Dust with acrylic powder and brush off the excess. Now you have your very own Christmas jumper right on your nails.  

I hope you enjoy bringing a little bit of the season with you!